Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, February 16, 2018

Squares, Rectangles, and Hearts

I LOVED this project with first grade!  

The kids drew hearts.
I told the kids to make squares and rectangles on their heart with oil pastel.
Also, I told them to color hard with the oil pastel.
Then, we used tempera cakes to paint.
Many of the kids used continued the squares and rectangles theme with the tempera paint.


Here's a little Tom and Stevie!


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Renee Has Some Mad Science Skills!

You know that friend I have, Renee, the one that was my daughter's 3rd grade teacher. Well, we are still good friends. She follows this blog to share art with her students now. Renee loves Science and couldn't wait to give this lesson a try with her students.

This is where we have blogged on this particular lesson before:
I am so impressed with how these 2nd graders were able to use the whole page for the Mad Scientist Portraits. Renee has an artsy knack - I am sure she guided them along to have such good outcomes!

Check out Claudia Loubier out on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Yep, I couldn't figure out which one to post. So, I posted all 3! ha - enjoy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A W e a v i n g Jim Dine Project

Heads up!  The ❤weaving project was a 3 class period project.  The project was done by 5th graders and they rocked it!

1-I cut a 9" x 9" sheet of paper.
On this paper the kids used warm oil pastels to color a ❤.
2-I cut a 7" x 9" sheet of paper and the kids used cool oil pastels to color a ❤.
Make sure the kids are coloring the hearts with the 9" length on both ❤.  See example and make extra sure or you will have an extra mess.

3-I cut VERY CAREFULLY on a paper cutter the larger 9" x 9" ❤.  Make sure the cut goes across the ❤.  For me, it took much concentration.

4-I cut the smaller 7" x 9" ❤into 1" strips.
5-The kids started weaving the smaller heart into the larger heart.  They begin the first strip going under, and the next strip going over.


Make sure the kids outline the hearts very dark.  The bigger and bolder the outlined heart in the center, the more the heart pops out on the finished artwork.  MAKE THEM OUTLINE THE HEARTS IN THE CENTER, PLEASE!
Of course, encourage the kids to press down and make the artwork with oil pastel dark.

Viva Elvis and ART!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Have you ever just wanted a little bit of time to create? Get back into art? Smell a new box of crayons? Our Visual Arts Department did just this with an opportunity with our faculty and staff by offering an afternoon of Make and Take. Our Upper School Art Teachers headed up this fun time. You can see by the photos that it was well received by the participants.  
The article above was an interesting read. Take a look. Best Quote from the article:
"CREATIVITY is marketed as a model for self-fulfillment and a way to get ahead. But the communal aspect is appealing, too. On Saturday nights, adults often gather at the Make Meaning studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to paint ceramic mugs and listen to music while sipping beer and wine. “People want to walk away with something, the idea that, ‘I made this,’ ” said Amy Kotulski, the chief operating officer of Make Meaning. Since her company’s opening in 2010, Ms. Kotulski said, at least 20 percent of its planned events have been for adults, a surprising turn.

-Um, how cool is that? Adults wanting to CREATE again!
"Creating something we call art doesn't mean producing a sell-able piece of work. It's about experiencing the joys and challenges of creation and elevating the soul to new heights"

- Yep, it just calms you!
Ah Haa features art classes from traditional painting and ceramics to one-of-a-kind workshops on solar plate etching and welding, we are sure to inspire you to a new level of creativity.

-Raise your hand if you want to go to Ah Haa! Love this...wish I lived closer.
Great resources for Stress and Art:
Why should art teachers reach out to faculty and staff?

You see Art feeds my soul and if I can't find time for that...what do we do in the Cochran Family? Dance It Out!